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10 March 2010

Leftfield have a new official site and MySpace to cover their upcoming tour (link below) and have announced two more live dates (making it a total of 3 coming up now..):

Saturday 12th June / RockNess Music Festival, Loch Ness, Scotland.
Sunday 18th July / Benicassim Festival, Spain.
Saturday 7th August / Relentless Boardmasters Festival, Newquay, UK.

12 February 2010

Press release from Paul Daley

As most of you will have heard by now Leftfield return this year with live festival shows over the summer.

There's been a lot of speculation regarding Paul's involvement but basically, he will not be joining Neil on stage this year, but is happy for Neil to take Leftfield out on tour again. Paul is currently in the studio putting the finishing touches to his new solo album and working on some new remixes which will be released later this year.

Paul has been operating in the shadows for the last ten years, DJ'ing and remixing whilst championing fresh, new electronic artists and groups as he has for the last twenty years. He is just as comfortable playing cutting edge electronics to 200 kids in a sweaty warehouse as he is DJ'ing to large festival crowds. Paul understands and encourages new, young music from underground labels from all over the world and still plays 99% of his set on vinyl. Anyone who comes to listen to him should not expect to hear a 90's revival (he didn't hold down a 3 year residency at Fabric for nothing...), his sets and records represent an energy of someone half his age with twice as much musical experience. Anyone fortunate enough to catch his summer residency at Ibiza's uber cool country club 'The Underground' over the last 5 years bears witness to this.

Those who have heard Paul play understand his love and sincerity to the music. This has always outweighed taking an obvious commercial route as a DJ and this attitude continues to this day. If you'd like to enquire about booking Paul please do not hesitate to get in touch.

All the best

James / Construct

9 February 2010

Reports last week that Leftfield are to return to the live arena this summer can be confirmed. Leftfield are to headline Rockness in June, with further headline festival shows to be announced in the coming weeks. Leftfield are set to be one of the must-see bands of this summer's festival season.

Leading the dance music charge of the early '90s, Leftfield carved a path for a raft of great artists including Underworld, The Chemical Brothers and The Prodigy. Their pioneering debut album 'Leftism' often tops 'Best Dance Album' polls, whilst their live shows are the stuff of legend. Leftfield's live return is an opportunity for everyone to experience one of this country's most influential dance artists.

The sound system returns, but sadly Paul Daley will not. Neil Barnes will undertake these shows without Daley, as he has other recording commitments this summer. Barnes is currently assembling an exciting line-up for these eagerly anticipated shows.

Neil Barnes says: "Leftfield Live was an incredible experience for everyone involved. We really pushed the boat out and created something live that reflected how we felt a real live show should be. Everyone who saw it will know what I mean. The opportunity to take the band out again once more with the sound system and some of the original singers and perform the songs again to a whole new audience is an opportunity that I simply couldn't turn down. The good will surrounding the live show has overwhelmed me. The expectation is tremendous I simply can't wait to blow everybody away. Literally!"

Paul Daley comments: "I'm about to embark on a solo career with the release of my first solo album. I also want to continue concentrating on my DJ'ing work, so I've decided I won't be joining Neil on stage for the Leftfield dates this year. I want to thank all the fans for their past support and all the people who will be hearing and seeing the band for the first time."

30 January 2010

From efestivals.co.uk...

Electronic pioneering duo Leftfield return after a decade to this summer's Rock Ness.

Rock Ness have announced that dance duo Leftfield will return for the first time since their self imposed four year hiatus with a live exclusive performance at the festival staged on the shores of Loch Ness in the Scottish Highlands.

The duo of electronica artists and record producers, Paul Daley (formerly of A Man Called Adam and the Brand New Heavies) and Neil Barnes, formed in 1989 and had a memorable seminal performance at Glastonbury Festival in 2000 with 'Song For Life' and 'Storm 3000' from their debut album, 'Leftism' which became one of the highlights of the festival. The band were one of the leaders of electronica and hopefully will be allowed to play 'phat' at this summer's festival. Festival Director Jim King seems to be hinting at a loud festival performance at Rock Ness.

Jim King said: "We're been trying to get Leftfield to do some shows for years and now its actually going to happen. Ask any electronic bands who was an inspiration for them and Leftfield will always be listed. I was fortunate to see them live over 10 years ago and if you think the Prodigy are loud then you won't know what hit you when Leftfield kick in. The Band just have everything in the locker from the pounding bass lines of 'Phat Planet' to the pioneering and visionary beauty of 'Melt'. Get on line now and reconnect with the band that unquestionably defined the music of a whole generation."

A new Facebook group has been setup here if anyone wants to discuss this. Come sign up!! :)

29 August 2005

From nme.com...

Leftfield are to release a best of compilation to coincide with the tenth anniversary of their debut album.

'A Final Hit' is out on October 3, and comes ten years after the release of their debut album 'Leftism'. It will feature their early hard-to-find 12" releases 'Not Forgotten' and 'More Than I Know' alongside their hits, including 'Open Up' which features John Lydon.

A limited edition version of the album comes with a bonus DVD and includes videos for 'Open Up, 'Original', 'Afro Left', 'Release The Pressure', 'Afrika Shox', 'Dusted' and 'Swords'.

Bandmember Neil Barnes said: "I had never sat down and listened to the music that spanned our career in this way before. The essence of Leftfield was to simply make exciting music, push back some boundaries, and to take creative steps forward. We had some great fun on the way."

20 May 2002

From Seven magazine...

"I did think about it for quite a long time before I took it on," admits Neil Barnes of the remix, "but in the end I just thought 'why not?' When things are sacrosanct to people, it holds things up. That's a good reason for doing it. John asked me. It wasn't a record company thing. That also affected my attitude."

Barnes, currently working on a solo album, admits that many won't like the mix, and that it isn't the club track some would expect. "It's a bit tongue-in-cheek. It's different. Everything always comes from a defensive viewpoint - they're always gonna prefer the original so you can't really win because people are going to be dubious about it.

"'God Save The Queen' is a Jubilee record. It's being released to tie in with the Jubilee. The lyrics are the thing that's so relevant and now there's a new generation to hear those lyrics. People saw it as a record against the monarchy but it was written by people who care about this country.

"I don't think much has changed, what with young people and inner city problems. The government have still got nothing in common with the youth. The song politicised it to a whole generation that simply aren't interested in politics, so it's still very relevant, just like 25 years ago. It's great if John can get young people thinking about issues again. That's what the song's about - the state of the country, what the Queen represents, rather than her."

So what you were doing on Jubilee Day in 1977, Neil? "I can't remember I was 17. I think I was at a party... no, I was in bed doing nothing. Totally anarchist!"

The Sex Pistols' "God Save The Queen" is re-released next monday :)

26 April 2002

Leftfield may be gone, but the solo releases are still coming...

The Sex Pistols are re-issuing their single "God Save the Queen" on 27 May. It's backed with remixes by Neil Barnes. Neil has also had his first solo release "Playing With Fire" included on the soundtrack to Long Time Dead.

4 March 2002

Well, it's official...

Leftfield have split up! The band issued the following statement today :

"After 12 years of sonic experimentation, Paul Daley and Neil Barnes have decided to pull the plug on Leftfield. Both parties will be pursuing solo projects so Leftfield fans should not be down hearted. This should be seen as a new beginning in an ongoing process."

Paul Daley has said: "Thanks to everyone from fans to promoters to DJ's and to listeners who have supported us over the years. THIS IS NOT THE END!"

Neil Barnes added: "Leftfield was always about pushing the boundaries of sound as far as we could. I'm proud to be a part of this. Thanks to all the people we have worked with over the years and to everyone that promoted and bought our records. THE END IS JUST THE BEGINNING."

The official Leftfield site hasn't been updated since Summer 2001 - we were promised a monthly video complete with exclusive footage but all we got was a bad quality streaming file of "Open Up" (with no extra footage whatsoever). This isn't even on the site anymore as the News page no longer seems to work - and neither does the Forum which ceased working later in the year...

Rest assured that we here at "Not Forgotten" will attempt to keep the Leftfield info coming and will follow Neil and Paul's solo careers...

Wednesday 8 November 2000

Leftfield have announced a special final date for the year - a gig with Orbital at the London Docklands Arena on New Year's Eve (31 December 2000). Tickets are 50 pounds (ouch!)

Wednesday 20 September 2000

Leftfield are rounding off the year with some more UK dates:

Cardiff University (Tel: 02920 230130)
Thursday 26 October (7pm - 12am)

Exeter University (Tel: 01392 425309)
Monday 30 October (8pm - 12am)

Brighton Centre (Tel: 01273 709709)
Tuesday 31 October (8pm - 12am)

Southend Cliffs Pavillion (Tel: 01702 351135)
Wednesday 1 November (7pm - 12am)

Bournemouth International Centre (Tel: 01202 456456)
Thursday 2 November (8pm - 12am)

Newcastle University of Northumbria (Tel: 0191 261 4386)
Saturday 4 November (9pm - 1am)

Blackpool Empress Ballroom (Tel: 01253 292029)
Sunday 5 November (8pm - 12am)

All tickets are £16 in advance except for the Cardiff gig which is £15...

Wedneday 13 September 2000

Leftfield lost out once again on the Mercury Music Prize last night. The winner of the award this year was Badly Drawn Boy.


Thursday 20 April 2000

Leftfield played an Essential Mix on Saturday 15 April - it was brilliant!!

the set list was as follows...

  1. Jori Juhanna & Kari Pekka Saker - "Ossimellan" (Hybrid)
  2. Laid presents... - "Play The Drums" (Loaded)
  3. Buckfunk 3000 - "My Frannie Valentine" (Freezone)
  4. Meat - "Katie Can't Hear Ya [Chicken Lips Remix]" (Kingsize)
  5. Azzido Da Bass - "Doomsnight [Timo Maas Remix]" (Edel Records)
  6. Onionz Tony & Dano - "Destination Mergatroid" (Moody Recordings)
  7. Shadowman - "Ghetto Funk Dub" (Yoshitoshi Recordings)
  8. Giorgio Moroder - "The Chase [DJ Sneak Remix]" (Logic Records)
  9. Samuel L - "Session Tribe Cut" (Phont Music)
  10. Symbolism - "Lok Groove" (Symbolism)
  11. Johannes Heil - "Take Control" (Neuton)
  12. Julia Decay - "Boy vs. Girl" (Pro-Jex)
  13. Dylan & Katie - "St. James" (Blue Black)
  14. John Thomas - "Pulp Funktion" (Funkless)
  15. Westbam - "Hanging With The Machine Heads" (Low Spirit)
  16. artist unknown - "untitled" (white label)
  17. Recycled Loops Encyclopia - "Electronica Recycled" (Loop Recs.)
  18. artist unknown - "untitled" (white label)
  19. Ben Simms - "The Dubs" (Hardgroove)
  20. Luke Slater - "Body Freefall" (Novamute)
  21. artist unknown - "untitled" (white label)
  22. Charlie Hall vs. Confusion - "Bad Dog" (Pro-Jex)
  23. Thomas Schumaker - "When I Rock [Johannes Heil Remix]" (Bush)
  24. Mad Jack & DJ Sherwen - "No Living Thing" (Round Records)
  25. Dr. Exciya - "Lost Vessel" (Tresor)
  26. DJ Omega - "What's Up Hoes" (Database)
  27. Ben Long - "Phaser" (white label)
  28. artist unknown - "title unknown" (white Label)
  29. Si Begg - "On Ice" (Skint)
  30. Banjo - "E-Daner" (Pias Recs.)
  31. DJ Streak - "Barre Beat" (Bombay Records)
  32. Cari Lekebusch - "Reverted" (Hybrid)
  33. artist unknown - "untitled" (white label)
  34. Underworld - "Bruce Lee [the Micronauts Remix]" (Junior Boys Own)
  35. Thomas Schumaker - "Respekt" (Bush)
  36. DJ Iuan - "Volga Selet" (20/20 Vision)
  37. Death In Vegas - "Dirge" (Concrete)
  38. Tony Global - "Heuge Koenz" (MFD)

all above info nicked from the unofficial Essential Mix site - thanks!

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